Sex Therapy and New Year

The New Year can be a time for new beginnings. It can also be in the dead of Winter when we are least likely to get outside and enjoy the sun if we live in the North. So often, we use the beginning of the year to make commitments to our health and well-being as a result of this indoor isolation. We join gyms; we start eating foods that support our health goals; we start new spending/saving habits; or we make commitments to spend time with important others in our lives. All of these actions to health and well-being can be boosted by sex! Research has shown that sex can enhance feelings of closeness, improve immune system functioning, and even elevate our moods. By spending some intention

Mindful Moments

Stress and Sex: Mindful Moments Is it truly the most wonderful time of year? It’s getting darker earlier, we’re exposed to less sun, and the decreased temperatures can make it more difficult to choose to be outside. If we celebrate the holidays, that can mean spending money in ways our bank accounts weren’t ready for, yet. There seems to be more hustle and bustle as the year comes to an end and everyone is in a rush to meet work and personal obligations. With increased commitments often comes increased stress. Increased stress in our lives can also mean our sex lives takes a back seat or it becomes forced. Stress can negatively impact our body image, mess with our desire and arousal, pu


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