Online and in-person counseling supporting partner and marital relationships, digital detoxing, addiction, PTSD, psychedelic therapy and integration.




 Through mindful direction, choices can be made to further your journey.  Along with providing coping skills, you will walk away with tools to integrate into your daily life. 


"It is a very difficult thing for many of us to admit we need help, to take the steps to seek it out, and to do the work required of us to heal.  I believe that Ryan is a powerful support and guide as we do that difficult work."


Dr. Ryan Westrum is the founder and visionary of Healing Souls and has been a mental health practitioner for over 20 years. Ryan leverages his background in traditional therapeutic methods and infuses his work with holistic, intuitive therapies that empower individuals to take charge of their sexual identity and behaviors.  Ryan earned his Doctorate of Psychology from Sofia University, San Francisco. He also has an M.A. degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from the Adler Graduate School and received his BA in Psychology from the University of Minnesota. Areas of Speciality include psychedelic therapy, psychedelic integration, LGBTQIA+, sexual addiction, sexual trauma, gender therapy, anxiety, depression, anger management, couple/marriage relationships, grief & loss,  spiritual work, and supports end-of-life transitioning.


Dr. Ryan Westrum

Tel: 952-261-5269